Andrés Gutiérrez 1 year ago • updated by j.verdurmen 5 months ago 2

I'm using NLog to write inside a Parallel loop. It's all right but in the description appear the method Name with Parallel convention. This is my result:

  • Parallel execute:
    • AttachEmailFACeProcess.<Process>b__2_0 =>
  • Normal execute:
    • AttachEmailFACeProcess.Process =>

I'm using this layout in NLog.config:

<layout xsi:type="SimpleLayout" text="${longdate} [${pad:padCharacter=0:padding=3:${threadid}}] [${pad:padding=-5:inner=${level:uppercase=true}}] ${stacktrace:topFrames=2:skipframes=1} => ${message} ${onexception:${newline}${separator-ex}${newline} ${exception:format=tostring} ${onexception:${newline}${separator-ex}}" />

It's possible to write the message as Normal execute?

Will be answered

You could use ${callsite} for this. The stacktrace contains the raw format