Your comments

This is already there: <include file='included-notpresent.nlog' ignoreErrors='true' />, you can use the orderning as a fallback

That's strange that System.Configuration is referenced in NLog for Xamarin, and also that the build isn't complaining over it. Will check this


Alternative proposal: don't crash when the file doesn't exist.

You can use then

<include file="default.config" />
<include file="${machinename}.config" />

Sounds good!

I will contact you this week

We started on this as we have a nice PR from stefandevo.

We trying to upgrade also xUnit for unit testing

We also experimented with PCL before. The problems we have seen:

  • There is no FileInfo / Filestream. So writing to files (most basic operation) or reading config from a config file is impossible. (but maybe we can use a external lib for that)
  • There is no StackFrame / StackTrace thus, LogManager.GetCurrentClassLogger won't work (or we have to change it's behaviour. The Caller attributes won't help as it's missing the class name. (we can choose to use the filename instead of the classname, this is also done that way in the fluent logger)

Opinions are welcome :)

we have the following plan for supporting other frameworks:

1. We will fix first Xamarin (see #1009) - this is now for 80% done
2. Then we will fix UAP10 - done for 60%

3. And after that or .Net Core, or PCL.